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System Operation  

When I perform a search, it seems I never find the document I am looking for. What am I doing wrong?
Remember, ALL the criteria you enter must match in order for a document to appear on the search results list. So, if you have entered a name, a date, a document type, and a file number; and the document type does not match, the document will not appear. If you have a book/page or a file number, that is normally all you need to enter to go directly to your document. Name searches alone work well, be sure to enter the names as shown.

Why am I not able to view images?
Del Norte County is not currently providing images on line. Please call the Recorder's office at 707.464.7216 for prices and procedures on purchasing images.

Are there any hot keys available with Del Norte County On-line?
The normal Windows hot keys are applicable. Also, on the Search Critieria screen, ALT-S with select the SEARCH button.

How often are these database updated?
As documents are recorded and verified, they become part of the document repository.


Hardware and Software Requirements  
  • High speed Internet connection (DSL or better)
  • Recommended browser: Internet Explorer
  • Recommended printer: Laser
  • Minimum monitor: 17 inch at 800x600 resolution
  • Recommended monitor: 17 inch or better at 1024 x 768 resolution